This Compact SUV Puts Safety At A High Level

Whether for work or play, it is important to have a vehicle to get you around Volvo Cars Seattle that meets your needs and your taste. If that preference leans towards luxury and SUVs, then you have a number of options available to you. One such option is the 2019 Volvo XC40; a compact SUV designed for comfort, luxury, and safety.

When it comes to maintaining a safe driving experience, a visit to Volvo Cars Seattle will reveal how the Volvo XC40 accomplishes this for drivers. To enhance driving conditions at night, there are Active Bending Lights available. As drivers steer the vehicle, the lights turn to ensure that the turn is illuminated. The system also uses a camera on the windshield to detect oncoming headlights and taillights to facilitate automatic switching from high-beams to low beams.

Drivers will also discover that the 2019 XC40 comes standard with Driver Alert Control. Cameras observe the road ahead while the system compares current driving behavior with normal driving styles. If an erratic pattern is identified signaling that the driver may be drowsy or preoccupied, an audible alert and message on the instrument panel will occur.



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