When Should You Change Your Volvo XC90’s Battery?

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Here at Volvo Cars of Seattle, we always make sure to give our customers' Volvo vehicles the top-quality care they deserve. The main way we do that is by scheduling routine maintenance on a regular basis. A lot of times, drivers who neglect routine maintenance can get some nasty surprises on the road that could have been identified previously. Car battery problems can be particularly troublesome, so we want to share all our advice for knowing when your battery needs to be serviced.  

There are several things that affect your Volvo XC90’s battery life, and unfortunately, one of the worst offenders is one you cannot control: the weather. A car battery lasts longer in cooler temperatures, possibly over five years, while heat can wreck havoc on it. Car batteries only last about three years in hot climates, as the heat increases degradation and decay inside the battery.  

Something you can control, however, is how you drive your Volvo XC90. If you have a tendency to make a lot of very short trips while using power-draining features like climate control, music, and wireless charging, you could possibly drain your battery while your alternator struggles to keep it charged. Eventually, your battery will fail, which can be treacherous on the road. 

The best way for you to be aware of your battery’s health is by coming in for scheduled maintenance at our Seattle, WA Volvo service center. Our expert Volvo technicians can perform inspections whenever you want and can swap out old batteries for fresh, Volvo-approved ones. Make your appointment today! 

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