Volvo V60 Inscription Trim Overview

The Volvo V60 Inscription is one of the best cars on the market. Within the wagon class, it’s a luxury model with premium features and a turbocharged, supercharged engine. After the full redesign from last year, the latest wagons also look more like sleek sports cars rather than the traditional wagon from early Americana. The V60 Inscription is a top-notch car for those who want cargo space, tons of safety features, and lots of compliments.

Volvo has redesigned the V60 to do everything extremely well, and in the Inscription model, you’ll have the best of everything. This premium edition includes more tech features, such as a huge digital display, WiFi hotspot, GPS navigation, satellite radio, and driver assist features. It’s no wonder that the V60 Inscription has been named one of the best wagon models currently on the market.

You could test drive a Volvo V60 Inscription today at Volvo Cars Seattle.



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