Anytime you see a dashboard warning or indicator light illuminated on your Volvo car, it means there is something wrong with the functionality of your car. These illuminated dashboard lights could indicate any number of issues with your car, from engine trouble to brake issues or even low tire pressure. No matter what the issue may be, it is best to bring your car into Volvo Cars Seattle, your go-to dealership in the Seattle, WA area for service or repairs.

For drivers who are unfamiliar with the various lights on your Volvo vehicle’s dashboard, here are a few of the more important dashboard lights, and what they indicate:

Seatbelt Light: This light is illuminated any time you or a passenger in your car is not wearing a seat belt while your car is in motion. For the safety of yourself and your passengers, always wear a seat belt while driving or riding in a car. This light has a picture of a person with a belt over their torso

Check Engine Light: When the check engine light is illuminated, it means that there is an issue with your car’s engine. Issues with your engine can range from needing a simple oil change to more serious things like an oil pump failure. This light has a picture of a rectangular car engine.

Fuel Warning Light: If your car’s fuel warning light is illuminated, you are running low on gas. Ignoring this warning light puts you at risk of running out of gas and being stranded alongside the road. This light has a picture of a gas pump.

Alternator Light: When this light is illuminated, your car’s battery is having issues charging. Ignoring this warning sign will eventually lead to a dead battery and a car that won’t start. This light has a picture of a battery with a plus and minus sign on each side.

When you notice a light on your Volvo wagon’s dashboard is illuminated, contact our Volvo service Seattle right away. Volvo Cars Seattle serves the surrounding towns of Bellevue and Lynnwood, WA.

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