Cold winter weather doesn't prompt drivers to take their car in for service unless necessary. Be aware that all routine service is essential. Once spring rolls around, take care of all the things you put off before.

Some work won't come as a surprise. Checking the brakes, battery, and windshield wipers are routine. So is an oil change. What about the differential fluid? That might be due, too. Reviewing the owner's manual to see what work to do is advisable. Some maintenance, such as replacing the timing belt, could prove disastrous if not performed.

Condition factors into getting work done. The tires, belts, and hoses could show signs of excessive wear. If so, they may require replacing. Don't overlook things like a malfunctioning air conditioner because you don't use it much in the spring. By summer, the problem might get a lot worse and costlier to fix.

Service your car at our dealership. The maintenance team can assist with routine and unexpected issues.

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