Volvo has made its mark when it comes to building safe luxury sedans. The popular Volvo S90 is a prime example of the iconic manufacturer’s sense of style and commitment to safety. Indeed, one of the key reasons why the Volvo S90 is an industry leader is because of its safety features.

The Volvo S90 safety features include a rigid envelope constructed around the cabin and made from ultra-strong boron steel. This provides incomparable protection to people in the sedan. The Volvo S90 safety features also include City Safety, a unique system designed to detect an imminent collision.

The best way to learn more about the Volvo S90 and its safety features is to visit us at Volvo Cars Seattle and take the car for a test drive. Conveniently located in Seattle, WA, our professional, knowledgeable team will also answer any of your questions.

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